Protecting Your Property From Pests

For some people bugs are among the most fascinating creatures. For others, they tend to fall in line with all sorts of phobias. Regardless of your preference, if there’s one thing everyone can agree on its no one likes having a bug or insect in their home.  Pest can create unsanitary conditions for where you live, and they are extremely annoying. It’s no wonder why we call them pests! From flies buzzing around to cockroaches and ants crawling on the floor which can cause allergies or even asthma attacks in children. Here are some tips on protecting your property from pest. 

First, you should seal your doors and windows. A properly sealed door can keep out unwanted pest the same way a locked door can keep out intruders. Take some time to browse your homes and look closely at your doors and windows. You’ll be surprised to see how many gaps you will find, which make it easy for bugs to enter your home. To protect your doors, install a steel or aluminum threshold under the door. If you want to take it a step further you can add a door sweep. Be sure to choose nylon over vinyl when selecting a door sweep as they provide the best protection against bugs. To protect the rest of your doorways, use weather-stripping kit on the perimeter of the frame to keep insects from crawling over the top and caulk the corners where the frame meets the wall. Windows are normally safe as it is standard in new homes, but if you live in an old home install a finer screen to maintain ventilation this summer while keeping pest out. 

More importantly, you don’t want to forget bout the outside of your home. If you don’t protect both the inside and outside of your property, it could have disastrous affects on the beauty of your property, and the cleanliness of your home. Yard maintenance can have a big impact on potential bug infestations. Take care of your yard by cleaning up piles of leaves and debris. These can serve as perfect hiding places for bugs and insects. These areas also serve as the perfect hiding spots for insects to hide and reproduce, which can lead to an infestation that would be difficult to eliminate. Be sure to store your trash properly. Bug and insects love to feast on trash. Proper storage and handling can be critical to what enters your home. Keep all food trash within the kitchen and not wastebaskets throughout your home. Double bag any raw foods or throw them in a trashcan with a lid right away. Be careful how store piles of trash. Make sure there are no holes in your trash bags and sanitize both your interior and exterior trash bins regularly. The last tip is to keep your foundations clear. For those of you with older homes, your foundation is really important. Foundations are the most common entry spots for bugs. To keep your foundations clean and protected keep moisture and debris away from your home. This can cause termites, ants, fleas, and spiders to enter your home. Fix and seal any gaps or poor connections. All homeowners should use chemical insecticides and termicides to treat the foundation of their home. 

Follow these tips to protect your property from pests and to have a carefree and itch-free summer.