Advantages of a Raised Garden Bed

There are many advantages to using raised garden beds. In fact most homeowners use raised garden beds because they are great for growing small plots of crops or flowers. Not everyone has a house sitting on more than a 100 acres of land, which is what makes raised garden beds or garden boxes as they are often called so special and convenient. When I was a boy growing up in North Carolina, my parents had two! Each year they would flourish with watermelon and cantaloupes that we grew ourselves. Even though there was a downward hill in our backyard, the garden bed prevented the soil from being eroded or washed away during heavy rains.

There are five major advantages to using garden beds: weed control, pest control, better soil, higher yields, and accessibility. A key benefit to using a garden bed is that they serve as great weed barriers. You can build a garden bed many different ways and many gardeners lay weed barriers between the ground and the soil you put in the bed. This will also keep the roots away from any contaminated soil allowing any weed in your garden to be few and far between. While weeds can hurt your garden so can pests. Garden boxes allow you to keep bugs from both underneath and above the ground out. If you were to sow seeds directly into the ground, they could get eaten right up. However, with a garden bed you can put down chicken wire or make a chicken wire cage to protect all sides of your garden bed. 

Another advantage of using a raised garden bed is better soil. Without a raised garden bed you have to sow your seeds directly into the ground. You have to use soil that’s already there and even though you add better soil to it, it’s never quite ideal. Raised garden beds enable you to create the ideal soil for your vegetables and flowers. As a result of creating a great environment for your plants, you also see higher yields and a longer growing season. The garden bed will provide good drainage of the soil and prevent soil compaction. All of this will lead to greater growth within your garden because not only is the soil free of weeds, the temperature of the soil is better regulated due to it being placed above the ground.  Finally raised garden beds are great because of their accessibility. Because many beds are not built too big you can easily reach every single plant or flower to water, inspect, and harvest. This type of accessibility is also great for disabled or elderly gardeners.

If there was any doubt, have no fear because raised garden beds are for everyone. They are easy to build and they will ensure that your vegetables will grow and flourish.