• Deer Cain Black Magic

    Black Magic™ is a premium formulation of our popular Deer Cane® that blends natural molasses flavors into the mix for even greater attracting power. Available in a concentrated mix, time-release block and ready-to-use liquid.

  • Lucky Buck Mineral Apple Flavor 

    Lucky Buck Mineral is manufactured by MAR-VO MINERAL CO., INC., the same company that has been producing livestock minerals for the past 85 years. Lucky Buck Mineral supplements the deer population’s diet with minerals that not only make them healthier, but also help develop bigger, better racks! The most critical thing to consider in wild animals is that you can’t MAKE them eat anything…they have to WANT to eat it. Lucky Buck Mineral is developed with just the right ratios of minerals that deer love, mixed with an ingredient that will limit the amount they want to eat (unlike competitor’s attractant mixes that have grain or molasses by-products that cause deer to overeat).

  • Moster Meal 24% Protein Block 

    Protein plays a critical role in weight gain, milk production, and bone matrix development. But protein levels can be deceiving. Just because a product has a high level of protein, does not ensure that the animal can use it efficiently. Other proteins may be too rich or lack palatability which may cause digestive distress or reduces feed intake. MonsterMeal Protein Blocks have been formulated to provide the optimal levels of digestible protein and include necessary vitamin and mineral supplements for improved animal nutrition. MonsterMeal Protein Blocks have the power to transform your herd and your hunt.

  • Monster Meal Attractant 20lb. 

    Manufacturer: Terra Marc (Crary)

    MONSTERMEAL® DEER ATTRACTANT is a powerful, natural attractant with a mild aroma, not a new or intense smell that will alert wary bucks. This highly palatable, ultra high-energy attractant complements the natural diet and includes protein, energy, vitamins and minerals to provide breeding season nutrition for big bucks. 20lb. bag

  • Big Tine Block with BT90

    Big Tine's secret Cherry Rush is a proprietary formula designed to do one thing.... bring deer in fast and keep them there. Cherry Rush is an irresistible flavoring and scent that deer just simply cannot resist! 

  • Big Tine 30-06 Fortified Deer Blend

    Big Tine's secret Cherry Rush is a proprietary formula designed to do one thing.... bring deer in fast and keep them there. Cherry Rush is an irresistible flavoring and scent that deer just simply cannot resist! 

  • Dead Down Grand Slam Trophy Kit

    Manufacturer: Dead Down Wind

    Go undetected and get in closer with Dead Down Wind’s Trophy Hunter Kit. 

  • Imperial Whitetail Vision - 4# 

    Manufacturer: Whitetail Institute of North America

    Imperial Whitetail Vision is a fall planted perennial that features the number-one food-plot planting in the world, plus the attraction and drought resistance of WINA-100 perennial forage chicory, and the increased early and late season tonnage and exceptional attractiveness of 210K annual forage kale.  The Imperial Whitetail Clover component contains the Whitetail Institute’s newest proprietary clovers, which bring the same year-around attraction and protein content to Vision.  WINA-100 chicory and 210K kale boost early tonnage, and they increase attraction by offering deer a variety of exceptionally attractive food options within the same food plot.  WINA-100 chicory also increases the drought resistance of the product even further.  The Imperial Whitetail Clover and Whitetail Institute chicory components of Vision continue to provide abundant protein year-round for antler growth and overall herd health for up to five years after planting.

  • Dead Down Wind Dryer Sheets

    Manufacturer: Dead Down Wind

    Eliminate odor & prevent static build up with the only biodegradable sheet on the market.

    8" x 7" sheets saturated with ESP® to eliminate odor
    Anti-Static Guard built in
    Treats up to 15 loads
    DDW has the only biodegradeable dryer sheets in the market. Being an earth-friendly, green company does matter to us and doesn't cost you extra!
    Convenient peel and reseal packaging
    Prevents from drying out

  • Molasses Mineral Block 4 lb

    Manufacturer: Plano Synergy Outdoor Products

    We’ve extracted real molasses and concentrated its sweet aroma to create this one of kind, long lasting and easy to use mineral lick. This discreet but powerful mineral attractant is perfect for spring, summer, fall and winter supplementation and will create a mineral site that lasts for months, even after the block is gone.

  • Body Guard 360 Scent Supression Spray 8oz

    Model: 4000121

    Body Guard 360 is a line of products designed to suppress and eliminate scents and odors from clothing, traps, stands, trees, and any other applicable surface. Using all natural ingredients in our products, we provide you with a product that WORKS in controlling scent and odor, and if that's not enough, this product will also repel ticks, chiggers, and fly! Enter the words scent free, and leave bug free. Don't believe us? Our Body Guard 360 products have been endorsed by woodsman and hunters all over the world. Take their word for it.

  • Mighty Deer Natural Rock Salt 

    The Mighty Deer Natural Rock is a 100% pure natural organic rock salt mined from some of the world’s best salt deposits in the Great Lakes Basin. Trace elements of calcium, magnesium, and potassium give Great Lakes Basin Rock Salt it’s natural grayish color, making it more desirable and attractive to deer and wildlife. Red colored rock salts, as found in similar products, contain higher amounts of iron, giving them a more acidic taste and making them less attractive to animals, with an over all lower nutritional value. 20 lbs.

  • 65 Trophy Mineral 30# bag 

    Manufacturer: Trophy Rock

    FOUR65 provides deer with essential natural macro and micro trace minerals. It also attracts and holds deer on your hunting property. It is a fantastic scouting tool when used in combination with trail cameras.

    Nothing added, nothing removed. Essential minerals for all four seasons. Crushed version of Trophy Rock.

  • Ani-Protein Block 365

    Ani-Protein Block 365 provides a unique, long lasting protein source for white-tailed deer. It’s especially useful in natural forage environments lacking desirable protein levels. We also added important nutrients like vitamins and minerals. Supplementation with minerals has been shown to increase antler growth. Powerful attractants are designed to lure and hold deer on your hunting property.

  • Liquid Braggin Rights Apple Attractant – 1/2 Gallon

    Hunters everywhere have become increasingly aware of the whitetail’s extreme attraction to apples. But because apples are seasonal, they are only available in late summer and early autumn as an attractant source. Braggin’ Rights® + Minerals Apple-Liquid Attractant brings the temptation of deliciously ripened apples to your whitetail herd any time of the year. Great for top dressing an existing mineral lick or for use with trail cameras. It is ready to use for less mess. Use it anywhere you want to attract and hold deer.

  • Buck's Multipurpose Seasonings 5oz 

    This original blend is as versatile as "salt 'n pepper", but even you purists will crave the way natural foods burst with flavor when you season with Multi-Purpose! Use it alone, mix it with herbs or extra garlic, blend it into your own sauce/gravy/food recipes...while our blends stand out in their own right--used nationwide for chicken BBQs, pig roasts and in restaurants--your own palate will guide your creative use of BUCK's.

  • Antler King® Hi Protein Big Buck Block

    Manufacturer: Antler King

    HI PROTEIN BIG BUCK BLOCK is a unique 25lb. protein block that is the perfect supplement for feeding deer in your backyard or your back 40. HI PROTEIN BIG BUCK BLOCK is made up of highly digestible grain and protein sources and minimal amounts of salt and molasses. Most “deer blocks” are either high in salt and/or sugar, this block is not. When deer are stressed from winter, drought, or the rut, the HI PROTEIN BIG BUCK BLOCK can be just the answer to help the deer get back on their feet and healthy again.
    18% Protein Block, highly digestable chelated minerals and an important yeast culture for increased feed efficiency.

  • Boss Buck ATV Spreader 

    Spread feed, seed, salt & fertilizer in a directional path with Boss Buck's ATV broadcast seeders/spreaders. Our ATV seeders/spreaders can do multiple jobs!

    Comes complete with a wireless push button activation system, adjustable material flow rate, and a 2" receiver hitch mounting system. The new adjustable nozzles thumb screw loosens and the neck floats up/down to open or restrict the flow rate to the slinger plate. This is to allow adjustment for large material like corn or fertilizer. And small material like seeds. The slide valve on the front of the hopper allows additional opening or restriction at the hopper opening to the spout. These two adjustments combined will allow these units to be fine-tuned for precise applications. Also includes a 2-pc Receiver Hitch. Heavy Duty Bolts, washers, and nylock nuts are the hardware provided for the 2" Receiver hitch assembly.

  • Antler King ® Final Feast

    Manufacturer: Antler King

    Antler King has researched deer feeds and ingredients that make up deer feeds for nearly 25 years. Antler King has found that when you combine certain ingredients along with a special proprietary flavoring, an irresistible, addictive attractant is the result… FINAL FEAST is that attractant, made only by Antler King! Use FINAL FEAST in front of your deer cameras to scout and get bucks accustomed to coming to those locations. Attract deer and be assured, they’ll keep coming back for more! Just pour out and get ready to hunt! Pour directly on the ground in 2-3″ deep strips or in small hill sized piles near the area you want to hunt or in front of your game cameras. Use FINAL FEAST to give yourself the edge to ATTRACT, HOLD, and HARVEST the Trophy of a Lifetime!

  • Buck Bomb® Ground Pound Trail Mix for Deer

    Ultimate mix comprised of grains, seeds, pellets, nuggets, powders, chips and flakes in sweet and salty gourmet base that deer can smell from long distances. Pour on the ground or use in a feeder. Comes in 5 lb or 20 lb bag.

  • Evolved® Apple Deer Cane Deer Supplement

    Model: 26593

    Deer Cane is a beneficial mineral supplement that attracts deer by releasing a mineral vapor trail. After initial application, moisture will cause these minerals to keep reacting and attracting deer. Bucks seeking minerals for overall health and rack development will be drawn to the site to lick, paw, mark and consume the minerals. 

  • Antler King® Apple Burst Deer Mineral Block Supplement

    Manufacturer: Antler King

    Endorsed by WHITETAIL FREAKS. Antler King® Apple Burst Deer Block is an intense apple flavored mineral block designed to grow Bigger Bucks and Healthier Deer. This mineral fortified block offers the nutrients necessary to help bucks and does reach their genetic potential. The Apple Burst Deer Block will not only attract deer to your property, but it will provide them with critical nutrients necessary for proper nutrition.

  • Ani-Logics® Braggin Rights Deer Attractant

    Model: 70151

    Attract a shooter worth bragging about! Different sources of attractants are sometimes required at different times of the season and in different parts of the country. Using chestnuts as an attractant is a secret trusted by hunting professionals. Braggin Rights® Chestnut is a powerful grain based attractant white-tailed deer crave.

  • Ani-Logics® Deer Supplement 365

    Supplement 365 offers year-round deer nutrition in our scientifically formulated, grain-based whitetail deer feed. Packed with vitamins, minerals, balanced proteins and our exclusive Ani-Shield TX4®, designed to optimize the immune system while maximizing genetics and antler growth. We also added powerful attractants for irresistible flavor and aroma. Feed whitetail deer 365 days a year to Protect Your Herd with The Power of Science. 

  • Cutting Edge Optimize

    Manufacturer: Whitetail Institute of North America

    Cutting Edge Optimize is designed to be used in spring and summer and delivers minerals, vitamins and protein that help maintain a healthy herd through the remainder of antler growth, doe pregnancy and lactation.
    Nutritional supplement scientifically designed for needs of deer during spring and summer
    Contains a 16% protein boost
    Provides minerals and vitamins deer need for antler growth