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Super Ii Dairy & Farm Spray

SKU: 057034 UPC: 745801333512 Model: 03-1113351

For use on livestock. A ready-to-use insecticide spray designed to protect livestock from lice, flies, fleas, mosquitoes and gnats. Contains two insecticides and two synergists for maximum effectiveness. Can be used as a fogging spray. One ounce treats 1000 cubic feet.

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Piperonyl butoxide and mgk264 synergists reduce the insects' ability to resist insecticides. Provides residual control on cattle up to 48 hours. Ingredients: Dual Insecticides: 0.05% Pyrethrins, 0.10% Piperonyl Butoxide; Dual Synergists: 0.49% Vapona, 0.16% Mgk 264. Unit Size: Gallon