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Fresh Cab Rodent Repellent

Fresh Cab® is the original rodent repellent. Invented on a North Dakota farm, it has been preventing mice in tractor cabs and farm equipment since 1995.

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The benefit a botanical pest repellent provided to people who were looking for alternatives to conventional poisons and pesticides was clear. Kari Warberg Block was motivated to innovate new solutions for other common pests. She created Stay Away®, a line of natural pest repellents for household pests. Stay Away offers plant based repellents for ants, beetles, mice, moths, and spiders.

While each product is uniquely formulated to work on a specific pest, they all use the same principle. Many of these creatures and insects depend on their sense of smell. Olfactory receptors help rodents and insects navigate, find food, detect danger and find mates. Using a specially formulated blend of essential oils overwhelms their sensitive scent receptors, causing pests to avoid the area.