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MonsterMeal Feeder Pellets 40 lb

UPC: 612877032185
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Protein plays a critical role in weight gain, milk production, and bone matrix development. But protein levels can be deceiving. Just because a product has a high level of protein, does not ensure that the animal can use it efficiently. Other proteins may be too rich or lack palatability which may cause digestive distress or reduces feed intake. MonsterMeal Feeder Pellets have been formulated to provide the optimal levels of digestible protein and include necessary vitamin and mineral supplements for improved animal nutrition. MonsterMeal Feeder Pellets have the power to transform your herd and your hunt.

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MonsterMeal Feeder Pellets are a complete nutritional product. Specially manufactured to be weather resistant for less waste, the MonsterMeal Feeder Pellets closely simulate natural browse to help with digestion and nutrient uptake. Unlike competitive products, MonsterMeal Feeder Pellets sacrifice nothing when it comes to attraction or palatability thanks to a sweet apple aroma and a special, high energy ingredient. After all, an inexpensive protein pellet that deer won’t eat, is still a poor value. MonsterMeal Feeder Pellets represents the pinnacle of a complete supplemental feed and attractant.